Ocean Friendly Swimwear

This post is for all my beach babes who love to body surf, break out the wet suit, get tossled by the waves, basically my mermaids. I love when influencers do cute swimwear try-ons, but how often does your ruffle swimsuit top see the water? Does it last years and years if I pay $110…

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My Home Gardening Pro Tips

Now, when I say pro, I mean take this with a grain of salt, but I do think I know more than the average joe. This summer is the third summer I am growing my own vegetables. I started growing my own plants one summer when I was working on an entomology team studying organic…

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Earth Day 2020

Earth day is everyday for me. As a conservation scientist, I constantly have the state of the planet on my mind. I know we all look at the planet we live on differently. We appreciate different aspects of the planet and we do different things to contribute to the health of the environment. Today is…

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